Love’s Travel Stop
Baytown, Tx USA
Date of the Project
March 2017



Love’s Travel Stop is an American icon to commuters, travelers and the transportation industry. They’ve earned the trust and loyalty of their customers by providing first-rate facilities and services. To do this, Love’s delivers safe, clean, attractive and easy to access facilities for a superior overall customer experience. Every Love’s facility has large areas of concrete slab surfaces, subjected to repetitious, heavy weight from automobile and truck traffic that must be kept safe and attractive for as long as possible.


Due to heavy commercial truck traffic and over-saturated and weak soils, numerous concrete panels had settled and cracked. At the commercial truck exit, expansion joints had degraded to allow water incursion and infiltration which led to voids and subsidence. This, in turn, was leading to misalignment of concrete slabs to adjoining structures and roadways.

The final result was a degrading of vehicle safety and facility appearance, increased vehicle maintenance requirements and the possibility of shortened concrete slab lifespans.


Due to the constant truck and automobile traffic and the need to keep the business open to customers without interruption a non-disruptive, fast, effective and proven solution was needed.

The URETEK Method® Process and URETEK Polymer Products were used to cost effectively fill voids, push out existing trapped water beneath panels, lift concrete panels back to grade and specification and generally restore appearance and safety while reducing the need to replace panels.

URETEK’s structural grade exothermic polymer was injected through 5/8” (penny size) holes in a grid pattern, through existing slabs, to push out water, fill voids and lift and re-align concrete slabs to specification and adjacent roadway surfaces. The solution also sealed existing expansion joints between slabs, significantly reducing future infiltration and sub-surface soil loss due to water.


URETEK’s technicians quickly and effectively used the URETEK Method Process and URETEK Polymer Products on over 12,000 square feet of concrete panels—in two days—without interrupting business operations or customer experience. The project effectively and quickly filled existing voids, sealed expansion joints, realigned existing slabs and reduced potential future soil weakening due to water incursion. The ride quality and appearance of the facility was improved due to realigned concrete. And, the lifespan of existing slabs and overall customer experience were improved. The bottom line? URETEK was able to restore safety, strength and lifespan to the Loves’ facility without interrupting their business or customers. Loves’ Travel Stop was able to have a long-lasting and convenient solution to an inconvenient problem.