Durham, NC Aging Culvert Repair

The City of Durham

Durham, North Carolina


Soil Stabilization

An aging culvert in Durham, North Carolina was in need of rehabilitation. In lieu of replacing the culvert, a creative alternative using URETEK’s Deep Injection® Process was utilized- saving the city millions.

Located in the Triassic Basin of North Carolina, Durham, NC is home to Research Triangle Park, Duke University, and North Carolina Central University. Durham features historic sites, remarkable golf courses, and a rich variety of notable restaurants. It is also known as “The City of Medicine,” and draws professionals focused on technology, education, and medicine.

URETEK North Carolina Culvert Repair


The City of Durham faced a multi-faceted issue with an aging culvert. The aging culvert, estimated to have been constructed in the early 1930s, was suffering from issues associated with construction and age, as well as from the impact of a large tree growing into the side of the structure. The walls and floor of the culvert were washing away, and wing walls were needed.


URETEK worked with the City of Durham along with subcontractors, and minority subcontractors, to create an affordable and minimally disruptive long-term solution.


  • URETEK’s High-Density Polyurethane Resin, and patented Deep Injection® Process, was utilized as the method of repair. The URETEK polymer material densified and compacted the surrounding soils, strengthening the load-bearing capacity of  the weak or loose soil strata. The URETEK Deep Injection® Process provided immediate stabilization of the culvert, allowing the other necessary repair methods to continue.
  • Crews removed the large tree and a bypass pump and cofferdam were utilized to control the water levels of the creek, and allow for the floor excavation, and replacement.
  • Temporary shoring was also installed to maintain stability throughout concrete floor replacement.
  • The URETEK team worked with a restoration team to install rebar and epoxy, as well as epoxy inject cracks throughout the culvert.
  • Shotcrete was used to reinforce both upstream, and downstream wing walls.
  • The upstream and downstream bank of the culvert was reinforced, and rip rap was placed.
URETEK Crew Prepping for The URETEK Deep Injection Process
URETEK Culvert Repair Tubing Installation for The URETEK Deep Injection Process
Crew Injects URETEK polyurethane resin into culvert


The culvert was successfully stabilized, restored, and fully functioning in just a few short weeks.

The City of Durham was able to avoid a multi- million dollar replacement of the culvert, with this long lasting repair method in lieu of replacement.  Since project completion, the culvert undergoes annual inspections, which continue to show that the culvert remains strong & stable!

Durham, North Carolina URETEK Culvert Repair