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URETEK ICR is the leader in providing fast, non-invasive, and long-lasting polyurethane injection for interior foundation repair, concrete lifting & leveling and soil densification. We have been providing Industrial, Commercial and Residential interior foundation repair services throughout the North and Central Texas since 1999.

Long lasting, affordable, and safe techniques for repairing interior concrete foundations.

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URETEK’S proven technology for interior foundation repair and concrete lifting restores durability, appearance, and safety to your asset so you can be worry free again!

Quick, clean, long-lasting structural geopolymer injection solutions from URETEK, help put you in control of sunken concrete and unstable soil conditions.

With industry-leading expanding polyurethane grouting injection solutions, The URETEK Method® and The Deep Injection® Process, we are able to bring quick, clean, strong and trusted interior foundation repair methods to clients throughout north and central texas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keep your properties  value from sinking beneath a cracking foundation with the help of our ZERO EXCAVATION interior foundation repair services.


How do I know I have foundation problems?

Cracks around the outside of your property  or along the ceiling or walls inside might mean your foundation is shifting. Other signs might include doors that stick or no longer close. We offer a free consultation and will be able to help determine whether you have substantial foundation or soil problems. Following your free consultation, we will explain the correct options for correcting and repairing your foundation.

What causes foundation problems beneath my home?

A number of factors contribute to foundation and concrete problems around your home. Weak soil and voids caused by moisture changes beneath your foundation can lead to sinking, shifting, and fluctuation in your foundation. These issues are related to things like drought, poor drainage control, and soil settlement over time.

How can I avoid foundation problems?

We do recommend proper home maintenance to keep the value of your home high and the cost of any unforeseen repairs low. Some good and common maintenance practices are annual home inspections, leak detection testing conservative lawn and flowerbed irrigation, and tree root maintenance (close to the house). In regions across the United States that experience a fluctuation of drought and high rainfall, we recommend talking to a geotechnical engineer to discuss existing soil conditions that may affect your concrete foundation.

Does the URETEK Method present any risk to plumbing or electrical wiring?

URETEK technicians are trained to install our patented polymer in a non-invasive, efficient way. We will not disturb plumbing or electrical wiring. Work is controlled from a fully equipped, self-contained mobile unit parked outside your residence.

Does URETEK offer a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, speak with your local representative to find out the details.

Client Testimonials

“Professional and courteous. Process was explained clearly and team was very considerate to us and our home. Excellent Service.”

Thomas S. | Dallas, TX


“This geopolymer injection is amazing, best solution for my foundation. Plus no floor damage thanks to the dime sized holes they drilled”

Jon F. | Fort Worth, TX


“If you do not want any excavation or dust inside your house or floors damage. This company is your solution for all your interior foundations.”

Terri P. | San Antonio , TX


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